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Joseph Jones Contract Gardeners provides a professional service to maintain and improve the gardens it cares for. 

Lawn care


High quality lawn care is a speciality of the company.  Not only mowing lawns regularly but carrying out all the other operations that make the difference between having a lawn and a "patch of grass"


In particular by

  • regular fertilising


  • powered scarification


  • deep spiking


  • spraying weeds and pests


  • overseeding and topdressing

All of the above operations are carried out by their own direct employees with the company's specialist equipment and never subcontracted out to other firms or individuals.

Other services

  • Leaf clearance


  • Pruning and hedge-trimming


  • Spraying paths to keep clear of weeds


  • Planting annual bedding


  • Onsite composting


  • Garden design

They can provide advice, suggestions, planting plans and quotes to help develop client's gardens over the long term.


Their experienced designer trained at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


The design service is provided free of charge to gardens maintained on an ongoing basis.

Lawn care

Plant care

Annual bedding

Garden design

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